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"Documenting traditions, recipes and rituals ensures their survival, it is vital work. Barbara Massaad's beautiful new book Mouneh goes to the heart of Lebanese life. She is a writer and photographer, but above all she is a custodian of a wonderfully rich culture."
Alice Waters – American Chef, Restaurateur, Activist, and Humanitarian.

I loved Barbara Massaad's Man'oushé, and feel the same way about her latest book, Mouneh. In both books, she opens up the world of Lebanese gastronomy in a unique way, connecting it to Lebanese culture while providing wonderful mouth-watering recipes. I couldn't ask for more.
Paula Wolfert – American Cookbook Author, Expert of Mediterranean Cuisine.

"After twenty-two years living out my passion as a chef, I am increasingly convinced that people are often too busy looking ahead--they miss the importance and value of what is right in front of them. Barbara Massaad's books remind us that our local produce and culinary tradition are rich and important. This makes her work exceptional and keeps us waiting for Barbara's next hit!"
Joe Barza – Lebanese Executive Chef, Pioneer of Lebanese Fusion Cuisine.

Barbara Massaad has made a valuable contribution by introducing Lebanon's rich culinary heritage to a wide and varied public. It is indeed a treat for the reader to enter these village homes with Barbara and become acquainted with customs of the past which have endured to this day.
Nina Jidejian – Armenian-Lebanese Author and Archeologist.

Mouneh, one of our oldest traditions, is all about preserving food. Barbara Massaad's beautiful book depicts important lessons on how to preserve our local foods while preserving stories and traditions of our land and its people.
Kamal Mouzawak – Founder of Souk el Tayeb.